Enerlyte is hiring! Come be a part of an exciting company in a high growth phase and make a difference!

The Enerlyte team is dedicated to helping employees, customers, the nation, and the environment. If you are passionate about making the world a better place and for generating creative solutions to the world's energy problems then please submit your resume to careers@enerlyte.com

Open positions

Software Engineers
Are you an expert in relational database architecture and optimization? Can you develop and improve the latest learning software? Do you have experience with new customer API's? Enerlyte is growing rapidly and needs engineers to work on advanced database functionality and to lead API projects with large mainframe computers. Advanced php and mysql experience required.

Web Developers
Do you have experience creating engaging and entertaining websites? Are you able to create an online environment where consumers return often for the latest updates and information? Come help Enerlyte create innovative solutions for educating and empowering consumers to use energy wisely.

Energy Analysts
Do you have advanced math and statistics background or experience in environmental policy? Do you have experience in measurement and verification? Come help Enerlyte develop the next generation of cutting edge analytics software for monitoring energy use. Be in the forefront of learning about energy consumption.

Marketing Manager (Consumer Behavior Expert)
Do you have experience in consumer behavior research and/or demand response? Come help Enerlyte design captivating educational campaigns for utility companies and for energy consumers.

Business Development (Enterprise Sales)
Do you have experience with sales to large institutional customers like governments and large companies? Enerlyte needs your expertise. Come join a team in an exciting high-growth environment.

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