Enerlyte can dramatically improve the administration of your demand side management programs. Enerlyte's powerful SCOUT software will carefully monitor the energy use of every participant in each of your demand side management efforts. Information is cross referenced through household data, demographic information, and our unique proprietary analytic engine. The analytic engine determines energy savings on a per meter basis and also in aggregate. You can access an online dashboard containing real-time data about which of your programs are most effective.

In fact, you will be able to learn a host of information about your programs, including:
  • How does participation in a particular program impact my peak demand?
  • Which geographic subsets of my service area respond best to DSM efforts?
  • Which demographic subsets of my customer base respond to DSM efforts?
  • Where, geographically, are my DSM programs working? Where are they failing?
  • Are my DSM programs more effective in larger homes or smaller homes? By how much?
  • Are my DSM programs more effective in newer or older homes? By how much?

With this powerful new wave of information you can identify the best ways to improve your DSM portfolio and maximize your return on investment!

Spending money on conservation and efficiency? Is it working? Where? How well? Click here to get more information about how Enerlyte can help answer those questions.

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