EnerLyte: The Key to Conservation
Since the early 1900's, citizens of Lehi have been fortunate enough to have their own power department within the City. Lehi is proud of the great history of Lehi Power, and as Mayor, I am confident that the future will be just as bright.
As new businesses and families continue to choose Lehi as their home, energy conservation becomes crucial to keeping costs low for the City, and most importantly, the citizens. Energy conservation, in all its forms, will allow Lehi Power to continue to provide continuous, uninterrupted service, while postponing the construction of new power plants or having to purchase expensive power on the open market to meet high demands for electricity.
As a City, we have adopted a new program, EnerLyte, in hopes to greatly reduce the demand for electricity inside the City. As you look at your recent bills, you will see how you compare to your neighbors and to the average household in the City, in terms of energy use. You will also be shown how much money you could save by following specific tips.
I am confident that our future will brighter, when we keep the lights off!
-Mayor Bert Wilson

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