Enerlyte thanks Utah Business Magazine for the Green Business - Tech Invnovation Award
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Enerlyte works on the premise that if people don't know where their energy is being used, then it’s hard to decrease that use. By partnering with utility companies, Enerlyte uses proprietary technology to let consumers see how their energy use compares to similar homes, as well as providing tips to decrease energy use. The information is available online, on a utility bill and through a smartphone application.

Being green means customers are conserving resources while conserving cash, says Sam Steele, CFO. Businesses and homeowners save money by decreasing energy use, and utilities save money by reducing peak energy usage and the need for new infrastructure. Steele says the company wants to revolutionize the way people think about energy.

In addition to helping people and businesses conserve, Enerlyte’s office works on the same goal. They do as much paperless business as possible, buy energy efficient electronics and turn off machines when they’re not being used.

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Original Article - www.utahbusiness.com

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