Price City to look into energy efficiency program

Sun Advocate reporter
Price City councilors will be holding a special meeting on Wednesday at noon to discuss the possibility of joining in an energy efficiency program.

Enerlyte, a background facilitating company that promotes energy conservation, presented information at a previous city council meeting on what joining the program can do for the city.

The goal for the program is to help save power and help the city and customers save money in the process, according to Seth Phillips, a business development employee with Enerlyte.

The company, based in Lehi, has been around for two years.

Phillips said that when a city joins in the program it can take about two to three months to implement the program.

Phillips said the company promotes energy saving, even down to the simple tasks of unplugging household devices when not in use.

"Even by just doing the little things like unplugging a coffee pot, putting a television on a power strip and shutting it off at night can make a difference," said Phillips.

Phillips said the has been to other cities around the state including Lehi, Logan City and Brigham City. The responses from those cities have been positive in response to joining the program, he said.

Before making a final decision, Councilors wanted to see more information about the program including looking at fiscal notes and talking to other cities who are involved in the program to see if they have a favorable view or not.

According to their Website, Enerlyte is a revolutionary new intelligent energy conservation program. Enerlyte helps everyday customers save money on their utility bills each month by providing the best energy saving advice from the brightest minds in the industry. Enerlyte also helps utility companies monitor the success of their energy efficiency programs to help the utilities understand which programs work and which don't.

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